Burst’s platform vision and FleetOps strategy give global brand Mentos local agility and creative independence

Sep 24, 2020 | Tech & Services

See how Platform.sh solution supports Burst’s digital agency to manage and secure its platform and website fleet efficiently. This solution helped Burst costumer global brand Mentos save millions of dollars each year by moving to a centralized digital marketing platform with all the flexibility required locally.


To eliminate the costs, disparities, and lack of agility associated with managing  100-plus in-country websites on a local level.


A single, scalable global digital marketing platform that provides website consistency  and governance worldwide while extending flexibility, speed, and creativity to 50 local  Mentos marketing managers.

For digital agency
  • Burst  60% reduction in hosting costs
  • Eliminated the need for and costs associated with two DevOps FTE
  • Developed a digital marketing platform that can be replicated for other fast-moving  consumer goods clients
For Mentos
  • Saves millions of dollars each year by moving to a centralized digital marketing platform
  • Keeps processes and costs manageable and efficient
  • Relieved marketing staff from managing technology to focus on campaigns, content, and customer experience
  • Inspired marketing managers to build a collaborative, global community to share best  practices

A formula for generating new business

It’s probably fair to say few organizations dedicate themselves to becoming obsolete. Yet, striving for obsolescence is just the seemingly quirky purpose that fuels global  digital agency Burst​. Today, the award-winning, 55-member Netherlands-based team  continues to move successfully toward this inevitable conclusion. ​ How​ Burst defines  obsolescence has become one of the key factors that sets them apart from the fray.

“We choose interesting projects that will have an impactful footprint,” says Burst CEO, Hans Maltha. “By remaining 100 percent focused on client success—building and nurturing  platforms that create sustainable models—we help clients create something core to  their organizations, profitable, or even a business on its own.”

Part of the formula for generating new business is Burst’s BHAG (​Big Hairy Audacious Goal​): by the year 2030, to have one billion people using one of the digital products  they’ve created. Currently, the agency’s data indicates 175 million users interact with  Burst products. Their approach and philosophy provide a firm foundation and  springboard for every project they undertake.

Focus on core business, not on DevOps

Founded in 2008, Burst began its journey like many agencies: managing its own  servers, with leased space in a data center. After the first big system crash—which  required a one-hour drive on a weekend in the dark of night to simply press a  hard-reset button—Maltha decided Burst needed to make a change.

Before switching to Platform.sh, Burst had decided on RackSpace to host its client  websites. “To manage RackSpace hosting required in-depth knowledge and skill. And  that meant hiring more people,” explains Burst CTO Jeroen van den Berg. “We  needed to find a solution that could provide greater agility, flexibility, speed, and a  modern infrastructure while giving us the ability to offer our European clients a  multicloud option to comply with GDPR mandates.”

The Burst team recognized the cloud provided the scale they needed. And Platform.sh  offered the cloud-based solution and strategic partnership Maltha sought. Moving to  Platform.sh around five years ago, Burst removed the investment of two full-time  DevOps staff and was able to shift high-value developer resources to building those  exceptional client websites and experiences. In the process, Maltha reports faster,  flexible Platform.sh scaling reduced his hosting costs by 60 percent.

Maltha says, “Platform.sh goes beyond hosting; it’s an integrated solution, so we can  develop, build, and launch global platforms for our clients in the most efficient, stable,  and secure way. We can focus on our core business. When we deploy, everything  works.”

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Mentos: how do you manage a sweet fleet?

In 2016, when consumer brand ​Mentos​, part of ​Perfetti Van Melle​ (PvM) group (one of  the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gum),  put out a request for proposal (RFP), more than 100 of its websites were managed,  hosted, and developed locally—no global infrastructure, no option to manage their  sites as a ​fleet​.

Local Mentos managers spent an inordinate amount of time ensuring that all their  brand websites across the globe were presented consistently. If, for example, a brand  design element required an update, 50 local managers, some of whom managed  several countries’ websites, were briefed on the change. Those 50 managers would  each alert 50 local agencies to implement and test the revision on every website: a  costly process.

“We proposed that we bring everything together on a single global platform, but give  local markets the opportunity to put in their own content, while our team pushed any  large-scale global changes ,“ explains Maltha. “This FleetOps approach would drive  consistency and give Mentos local teams the speed and flexibility they were looking  for. I think we won the project because we focused not only on branding or  technology, but on the holistic governance model needed to make it all work  together.”

Governance: engage local teams from day one

During the project’s design and development phase, the Burst team reached out to  Mentos local managers and made them part of the process. “I think that was one of the  biggest wins, because it wasn’t ​ our​ platform,” muses Maltha. “Rather, it was a global  platform a lot of people contributed their good ideas to creating.” In the course of  their discussions, Burst unearthed the “golden balance” between what would be  managed globally versus locally, freeing Mentos teams to focus on marketing initiatives  instead of on tedious, granular tasks.

A fresh, flexible global platform to reduce costs, increase agility

The Burst team developed a flexible, global digital marketing platform on a Drupal  setup that powers more than 100-plus local brand websites, each of which can be  customized on a national level. Every participating brand can showcase its own  online/offline content, ecommerce, campaigns, and marketing activities by country.  This centralized platform approach resulted in a cost saving of millions of dollars per  year.

“The Platform.sh infrastructure enables us to stay ahead of the curve, while keeping our  processes and costs both manageable and efficient,” says ​Perfetti Van Melle Global  Media & Digital Marketing Director​ ​Daan Simonis.

Not merely a website, the Burst-developed PvM platform serves as the heart of the  company’s global digital ecosystem across multiple brands and geographies. Burst  integrations with PvM’s CRM systems, email service provider, marketing automation  tools, and reporting stack enable all digital touchpoints to leverage the platform and  gain cost and efficiency benefits—including the ability to move rapidly to adapt to  shifts in consumer shopping behavior and paths to purchase.

“From our chair,” says Maltha, “Platform.sh plays an integral role not only in reducing  infrastructure cost, but in our development and in reducing our time to market. Day in  and day out. Week after week. Year after year.”

Build a global community of local marketing talent

Burst’s 10-person dedicated Mentos squad crosses disciplines, from creative and  development to analytics. Instead of benchmarking local sites against competitors,  local Mentos marketing managers receive global reports that enable them to measure  their performance against peers.

“Sharing these best practices, virtually and in quarterly meetings, has created a real  sense of collaboration and community,” Maltha says. “We can all assess what’s  working, what isn’t working, then determine the optimal solution to get the job done.”

The platform benefits from these insights and evolves from customer demand. In the  next year, the Burst and Mentos teams plan to connect and onboard around 25 more  local sites, moving teams away from the constraints of their legacy systems. ​Burst also  set up in-house data analytics to provide deeper understanding into customer website  behavior.

Replicating and extending platform success

The Burst team developed an ambitious shared vision with Mentos; they recognized  they needed an equally ambitious infrastructure. “We brought in the Platform.sh team  because we knew the only way we could realize our vision was to test, launch, and  learn very quickly,” Maltha says. “By developing a modern platform, we’ll never have  to do a major rebuild. The most important thing is that we continue to work  collaboratively with our clients every day to improve the platform. We’ve done that  with Mentos for the last four years, and we plan to continue down that path. We’ve also  been able to replicate the Mentos success with other fast-moving consumer goods  clients in the Netherlands and Europe. Continuing to evolve and translate our vision  into a value-added platform also gets us closer to achieving our BHAG!”-

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