19 French leaders in green transition solutions will virtually come to the Nordics

Sep 21, 2020 | Denmark, Finland, Industry & Cleantech, Norway, Sweden

The public investment bank Bpifrance, together with Business France, virtually bring nineteen companies in the energy and industrial sectors to the Nordics through a program of meetings in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Nineteen French companies from the industrial and energy sectors, belonging to the French Fab initiative, will virtually come to the Nordic countries. It will allow participants to meet and exchange with potential clients and local partners in their respective sectors, understand the Nordic markets’ specificities, and assess development and growth opportunities.

The Nordics are attractive partners for French industrial companies

Still highly industrialized, the Nordic countries are at the forefront of innovation towards the green industrial transition. The authorities, communities and local industrial groups are looking for solutions to reduce the ecological footprint and improve industrial sites’ productivity and competitiveness. They are committed and mobilized on issues like the circular economy, waste, water and energy management, biomaterials, or eco-design. French companies are also committed and have developed innovative solutions that could match their specific needs.

The post-COVID-19 trend towards a more European value chain that seems to emerge could also benefit closer cooperation between French and Nordic industries.

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19 French innovative industrial and energy leaders will come to the Nordics in October

This mission will last from now on to December. Contact us if you want to get in touch with some of these companies. All meetings will be digital!

Here is the list of participants:

ALPES USINAGE SAS DECO is a manufacturer of tech-critical parts (tech-critiques™) accredited since 2005 by the aerospace and aeronautic industries’ leaders. It models all other critical technological parts of high-security specifications.

APIX ANALYTICS designs, manufactures, and markets gas analyzers of chromatograph type. Miniaturized, modular, and equipped with unique detectors (NGD detector, Nano Gravimetric Detector), the analysis devices are deployed in the field, as close as possible to the sample.
The company Apix specializes in analyzes in the energy sector (biogas, biomethane, natural gas), the environment (VOCs, BTEX, pollutants), petrochemicals (fuel gas, flare gas), and specialty gases.

ASTILLO specializes in the design and manufacturing of machines and tools for the surface removal of pollutants such as asbestos, lead, PCBs, and nuclear decontamination.
With over 20 years of experience in this field, Astillo’s core business has been driven to invent and develop machines to meet this particular market demand.

Founded in 1947, AHF designs, manufactures, and markets a range of beds and furniture intended to fit out of bedrooms and living spaces in healthcare establishments and accommodation, both for short and long stays. Based in the Rhône Alpes region (France), the teams include a dedicated R&D department, production workshops specific to each business, and a national and international sales force.

CLEXTRAL is the world leader in twin-screw extrusion and turnkey production lines for the food industry, pulp, specialty chemicals, and biomaterials.
With its know-how in twin-screw technologies, Clextral supplies production lines, integrating extruders, dryers, and additional equipment. These reliable and innovative systems are the benchmark for quality and excellence in its four key markets: Food & Feed, Green Industries, Powder Industries, and pumps.

A subsidiary of CNES and CNP, CLS is an international pioneer company in providing Earth observation and monitoring solutions since 1986. Its vision is to imagine and deploy innovative solutions to understand and protect our Planet and sustainably manage its resources.

EASYMILE‘s TractEasy solution automates logistics flows within production plants and logistics centers, in outdoor conditions, and without additional infrastructure.

ENERGY POOL has been supporting companies in the tertiary and industrial sectors since 2009 to optimize their energy consumption and enhance their electricity consumption flexibility. Depending on the needs of the electricity system and price opportunities on the markets, Energy Pool asks its customers to reduce their consumption (demand response) or conversely encourage them to consume at the right time. This flexibility facilitates the integration of renewables, reduces C02 emissions, and allows consumers to save money on their electricity bills. In a rapidly changing energy world, Energy Pool is moving towards the optimization of complex systems (sites combining consumption, decentralized production, and energy storage assets). It is positioning itself as the Smart energy manager of systems complex for the benefit of energy market players ”. Energy Pool has 90 employees (France, Japan, Turkey) and oversees nearly 6 GW portfolios.

A subsidiary of RENAULT SAS and SUEZ Environnement SA, INDRA AUTOMOBILE RECYCLING, is the French leader in managing and treating end-of-life vehicles.
Its activity revolves around four businesses that cover 360 ° issues related to end-of-life vehicles:

  1. ELV sourcing,
  2. CVHU network management,
  3. Own deconstruction of ELV,
  4. Engineering:
    • R&D on methods and techniques for securing, decontaminating, deconstructing, and recycling ELVs and parts reuse and material recycling channels,
    • Ecodesign for the recycling of new vehicles,
    • Sale of know-how (studies, advice, training, equipment, and processes).

FOREZIENNE MFLS is specialized in manufacturing cutting tools for the wood industry (ribbon blades, circular blades, knives…), with more than 40 years of experience.
They have expertise in sharpening blades since they use sharpening machines to make our new blades, allowing resharpening services for their customers’ used blades.
Since 2002, they also have a technical department that travels abroad to perform technical audits of sharpening rooms to optimize sawing using the cutting tools they manufacture.
They have a consulting firm that makes tailor-made tools for their customers.
Besides, they have an activity of renovation of sharpening machines intended for resale (to our customers who sharpen themselves).
They also have a specific and patented cutting tool that improves the sawing time by 5x compared to other blades.

As part of the larger Sogeclair Group, OKTAL SYDAC focuses on two main areas: training simulators, which serve the current needs of the transport industry, and advanced capabilities within the R&D field.
The company has delivered over 700 simulators to customers across the globe. They have a global presence in several markets, including aeronautics, simulation, and mission vehicles.

PINETTE P.E.I. is an industrial engineering group specializing in production, assembly, and control processes. They provide standard or custom equipment – forming machines, production lines, assembly equipment, test benches, and turnkey factories – for large groups in the aeronautics, space, automotive, energies, and other industries.

QARNOT COMPUTING is an impact company founded in 2010. Pioneer in the recovery of waste heat from data centers to heat buildings and water.
Qarnot provides high-performance computing in cloud mode for the banking, research, 3D animation, industries sectors on the one hand, and heat buildings ecologically and economically, on the other hand.
By deploying computer computing capacity in buildings (housing, offices, swimming pools, public facilities), Qarnot considerably reduces power consumption and the carbon footprint of high-performance computing, while offering free and sustainable heating to users.

Since 1984, RONDINO ROAD is the 1st manufacturer to have created and developed the wooden and metal slide in Europe. Performance has continuously evolved and now allows high retention levels, from N1 to H2. Besides high performance, the aesthetic appearance of the roads is significantly improved.
The wood used is class 4 pine conforming to the EN335 standard and certified CTB B + for sustainability and PEFC for sustainable forest management. The steel used is high-performance hot-dip galvanized steel. Our barriers are CE approved by the EN 1317 standard. This approval is issued by a certifying body approved by ASCQUER after rigorous crash tests carried out at the LIER / TRANSPOLIS laboratory.

Expert in special foundations, SEFI-INTRAFOR is one of the French in different types of deep foundations and underground works: diaphragm wall and bars, interpile sheeting, nailed wall, sprayed concrete, watertight screens, anchors, Micropiles and piles, Injection and jet grouting, consolidation of quarries, geotechnical survey…

SFE INTERNATIONAL is a major actor in electrical risk prevention equipment and construction and network management equipment. As a member of the ESP division (Electrical Safety Products), SFE relies on its own manufacturing plants’ experience to offer its customers high-performance solutions for all three voltage fields (LV, MV, and HV).
SFE focuses on innovation to provide solutions adapted to evolving global technological networks, thereby effectively optimizing power distribution and management.

TECHNOGENIA is the specialist in antiwear and anticorrosion welded coatings for new and used parts recognized worldwide.

Since its creation in 2001, TENNAXIA (Laval, France) has specialized in sustainable organizational performance. Software publisher and consulting firm, it helps companies manage their environmental and social performance, comply with their regulatory obligations, and manage their operational risks by controlling their costs. It operates in the following areas: strategy and extra-financial reporting (CSR reporting), compliance management (HSE regulations, other regulations, ISO, internal standards, quality), and waste management. The Tennaxia Waste software ensures traceability, regulatory compliance, and optimization of associated costs processes more than 10,000 tonnes of hazardous waste each day and thus positions it as a market leader.
More than 350 companies (15,000 sites) in 90 countries trust Tennaxia. In 2019, the company had a turnover of 7.2 million euros. There are more than 60 employees spread between the head office in Laval, Lyon, and Paris.

TOUTENKAMION GROUP is a crucial player in the mobility industry, fast-growing with a turnover of 23 million euros, and 230 employees.
It is the European leader in the design and manufacture of custom mobile units, already marketed in more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
With many years of experience, Toutenkamion Group offers a wide choice of mobile solutions on straight trucks, semi-trailers, or containers. It covers varied sectors such as medical, defense, security, audio-video, training, and events, allowing professionals to make their activities mobile.

Contact us for more information or to get in touch with the above companies.

Vincent JOLY
Senior Trade Advisor,
Nordic Referent Industry & Cleantech
Vincent JOLY
Senior Trade Advisor,
Nordic Referent Industry & Cleantech