Business France brings the French Tech to the Nordics

Aug 18, 2020 | Denmark, Sweden, Tech & Services

Business France Nordic will virtually bring four startups to Sweden and Denmark to present their solutions to the local ecosystems. These startups offer a good overview of the French tech scene’s technological progress in critical sectors, such as Platform-as-a-service (Paas), InsurTech, Edtech, or Smart Access.

They are all leaders on their specific markets in France, have international experience, and are now looking for partners to grow in the Nordics. Seize the opportunity to meet them through digital meetings by contacting us to get an appointment.


Discover the four French Tech startups: the Platform-as-a-Service European leader is a second-generation Platform-as-a-Service built especially for continuous deployment. It allows you to host web applications but also microservices and other hybrid web-like applications on the cloud while making your development and testing workflows more productive. covers not only all of your hosting needs but also most of your DevOps needs. It is a simple, single tool that includes the application life-cycle from development to production and scaling.

EvidenceB: neurons & data for a personalized education

EvidenceB works only with research-based innovation, mixing cognitive sciences and artificial intelligence. EvidenceB develops digital modules that incorporate tests, activity courses, and dashboards based on school programs (mathematics, languages, and sciences) or new skills. These modules unlock learning processes on structuring difficulties that pupils have through motivating digital interfaces (chatbot, 3D games).

HAVR: the smart lock technology

Havr’s flagship Brightlock product is a flexible, secure, and robust solution for smart access applications in a B2B environment. With Light-Fidelity technology (Li-Fi), Brightlock generates and shares unique light signals that any user’s smartphone flash can use to unlock doors quickly, efficiently, and in complete security. It is the only smart lockout to combine enterprise-strength scalability with a simple, intuitive, consumer-grade user experience.

Akur8: transforms pricing with machine learning

Akur8, the AI Pricing solution, enables insurance carriers to improve their profits and win market share with pricing models created and updated in hours instead of months. Akur8 developed unique leading-edge algorithms dedicated to insurance pricing. The disruptive technology developed by our R&D team allows us to combine Machine Learning and Actuarial worlds. Building models with Akur8 is ten times faster than with traditional solutions – with a better result.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting with them:

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