When a Swedish Start-up and the oldest cider apple cooperative in France co-create the future

Jun 18, 2020 | Food & Wine, Invest in France

French cider should have all the credentials required to conquer the world with centuries of tradition and some of the best cider apple varieties. When an innovative Swedish startup with expertise in branding, marketing, and global distribution joins forces with the oldest apple cooperative in France, the results can spark.


Cider, a category with centuries of tradition and craftsmanship from the regions Normandy & Brittany

Full-bodied and with unique bittersweet profile, French ciders have for generations kept their edge over the international competition through the know-how of their producers, often families working in apple growing and cider making.
When we look more specifically at Northwest of France (Normandy & Brittany), the first mention of cider in the region dates to the 11th century. Cider has since become a staple of both agricultural production and consumption in Normandy & Brittany, and defined cultural features of the region.

In 2018, 250,000 tons of cider apples were harvested in France, most of which were in Normandy and Brittany. Ciders from these regions are protected both by French and now European legislation & label requirements when it comes to the sourcing area of the apples themselves as well as what production methods are employed.

In Normandy, fruit production is mainly oriented towards cider apples or apple juice – 48% of orchards here are certified as organic. With 1080 hectares engaged in organic farming in 143 farms, Normandy is the 1st French region producing organic cider apples.

Cider is one of the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage categories in the world valued at over eight bn USD and with a per annum growth rate exceeding 10%. Despite being an attractive and fast-growing beverage category internationally, it has seen lackluster levels of innovation over the years. The category remains to be dominated by a handful of industrial products globally. However, with the global trends moving towards natural and craft across the FMCG categories, French Cidre, with its world-class artisanal quality and natural production process, is perfectly equipped to play a much more significant role in the international marketplace.

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When 400 French apple growers team up with a Swedish startup

The historical positioning of French Cidre has mostly been rural and typically focused on food pairings (e.g. crêpes) – unlike the positioning of international cider which developed to be consumed as mainly as a refreshment, very much like beer. Things have been changing quickly since Swedish startup Cider Supply Co. and France’s oldest cider cooperative Les Celliers Associés joined forces to develop Galipette Cidre. On a joint mission to democratize the access to the worlds’ best cider for the global audience, the two teams’ complementary skill sets have taken the brand a world-over in a short period. The partnership has successfully showcased how to combine the best of the two very different worlds: an urban, modern, and contemporary brand-world and centuries-old cidermaking process and heritage.

Les Celliers Associés gathers around 400 apple growers, from both Normandy and Brittany. They grow and harvest the highest quality cider apples through a passion for their craft and a love for their terroir. Cider Supply Co. provides these apple growers with a global growth platform and drives the international development of this iconic brand.

Michael Nordblom, the co-founder of Cider Supply Co, comments: “Our partnership with the cooperative and our French producers has roots and wings. The two teams’ complementary skill sets give us a unique platform to establish Galipette Cidre as a leading craft cider internationally. As we continue to grow and expand our platform, we plan to deepen our presence in selected markets with the support of local development agencies and Business France.”

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A winning strategy that is conquering Europe and beyond

Galipette Cidre is available on 15 markets worldwide. The brand is well established across the Nordic region with primary retailer listings with the like of Systembolaget in Sweden, Alko, S-Group, and Kesko in Finland, Sweden, and Meny in Norway and Denmark.

Galipette is growing its platform also beyond the Nordics. It’s available in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and the Baltics. In the UK, the largest cider market globally, Galipette is stocked by the high-end retail chain Waitrose & Co. nationwide. Consumers in mainland China have been able to stock up with their “Pur Jus” since 2018, and the brand is rolling out in the US over this summer.

Finally, on its home turf in France, high-end retail institutions such as the legendary Le Grande Epicerie or gourmet grocery staple house Maison Plisson in Paris are among those chosen to partner with Galipette Cidre.

Philippe Musellec, Director General of Cooperative Les Celliers Associés, summarizes: “Galipette Cidre embodies centuries of cidermaking traditions by all of our members and the entire Filière Cidricole of France. We are excited about the opportunities this global partnership offers to our cooperative, to the regions of Normandy and Brittany and French Cider Making heritage”.

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