Top 8 French start-ups to follow in 2020

Jan 7, 2020 | Invest in France

The French start-ups raised record amounts in 2019, reaching €4,5 bn (+40%) in about 710 operations. It is a proof that the French tech ecosystem becomes more mature and structured. It also shows the ability of France to innovate in strategic fields such as AI, Health & Environment, Fintech or Mobility & Smart city. In this dynamic context and to start this new year with some good insights, here are 8 of the most promising French start-ups to follow in 2020 (source Maddyness).


Health & Environment


  • Sancare: This machine learning solution aims at reducing doctors’ “administrative” working time and avoid reporting errors.
  • Inalve: This start-up has been cultivating microalgae which then transforms into flour for animal feed.
  • LivingPackets: This start-up has designed a 2.0 package that is both technological and ecological, reusable up to 1000 times.

Mobility & Smart city


  • Transition-One: The company transforms small diesel car models into electric cars in a matter of hours. France is expected to adopt legislation authorizing the practice of retrofit (transformation of a diesel vehicle into electric ones). The retrofit is part of the plan to reduce pollution and its effects in larger cities.
  • Angell Bike: A luxury electric bike with multiple advantages: an autonomy of 70 km, battery weight less than 2 kg, hyperbolic flashing lights, a fall detector, three different riding modes and an overall weight of 13.9 kg.
  • BlaBlaCar: The leader in the carpooling sector in France, Blablacar has chosen to turn to buses by buying the SNCF (Ouibus) fleet in 2018 and plans to develop and strengthen its position across Europe in 2020.



  • Virgil: The company supports future buyers in their investments by granting them up to €100,000. In return, it becomes co-owner of part of the accommodation for 10 years.
  • Lunchr: The startup offers paperless dining tickets on a Mastercard smart card. Lunchr also allows you to get discounts in some restaurants.

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