France, the 6th largest investor and the 6th most attractive country in the world 


On the one hand, France is a major foreign investor. It is the 6th largest investor in 2018, with nearly 80 000 jobs created abroad thanks to French foreign direct investments. On the other hand, France is a key country for foreign investment projects leading to job creations. In 2018, France is ranked as the 6th most attractive country in the world, in the number of jobs created by foreign direct investment. While the European trend is downward (-9% job creation in 2018), France recorded a 16% increase in job creations generated by foreign direct investment in 2018.


Good to know – The global trend of foreign investment


  • The Brexit crisis and its uncertainties had a significant impact on foreign investment in the United Kingdom. Indeed, there was a 17% decrease in identified projects.
  • Trade tensions between the United States and its main partners, the European Union and China, contribute to delaying business investment decisions. Indeed, there was a 15% decrease in foreign direct investment projects made by American companies.
  • Investment decisions are focusing on projects that facilitate access to the local market, rather than to projects dedicated to export. This trend is particularly visible in some countries such as China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
  • The digital revolution changes the structure of global value chains by making companies reduce the average size of their projects (an average of 104 jobs creation in 2014 and 84 jobs creation in 2018) and making them favor job creation with high added value.