What tips would you give to future V.I.E coming or wishing to come to the Nordics countries?


First tip would be to come to the Nordics with the appropriate equipment. It can be cold sometimes according to thermometer, but you will never feel it with at least a high-quality warm jacket, beanie and gloves. Invest in winter waterproof shoes to keep your feet warm and dry. Take your camera with you if you want to capture pictures of natural landscape, northern lights, and outdoor activities. Photos are the only souvenirs that we keep in our records for generations. To finish, bring with you some of your favorite French specialties (e.g. biscuit, chocolate, mustard or wine). These consumer goods, with the same quality as in France, might be rare or expensive.

Second tip is to get a taste of the local language even if the Nordic people speak very good English. You can start with basic words that people use every day such as “hello, thank you and excuse me”. It is also possible to take for free an open online course for basic Finnish called “A Taste of Finnish” provided by the University of Helsinki. These programs are primarily intended for international university students and professionals relocating to Finland. If you become fluent in Finnish or Swedish, it should be normally easier for you to find a work and live there forever.