Business France’s support 


France has become the company’s second biggest place for manufacturing and third biggest market. To succeed, Recipharm found some help at Business France. For example, Business France organised meetings with regional partners to ensure a smooth establishment locally and to find the available financial support.  

Business France also helped Recipharm to recruit talents in their facilities and more recently young international trainees within the V.I.E. framework. “We have had quite some help from Business France to actually spread the word that we are expanding, that we are growing, that we want to recruit people and so on” emphasises Thomas. 


The business environment is getting better


Thomas Eldered also perceives that the French business environment is evolving and offers new opportunities for companies. Indeed, he argues that “we have seen a lot of improvement over these ten years in terms of business conditions… people in the business and in the industry think in similar ways as we do”. 


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