Let’s discuss what France and Norway can do together in the field of artificial intelligence

Sep 24, 2018 | Tech & Services

The French-Norwegian Day 2018 edition will be about artificial intelligence (AI) and gather experts from both France and Norway to discuss and debate on strategic topics such as co-innovation, ethics, education or organization of the labor market. More than 180 high profile attendees from a broad variety of professional backgrounds are expected to participate.

Since the aerospace and subsea industries share many similarities and challenges, Adam Bonnefield, VP Artificial Intelligence at Airbus, will talk about how Airbus applies AI to complex projects such as data analytics, supply chain optimization or access to information.


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What about artificial intelligence in France

AI is at the edge of innovation and offers huge scope for growth that will impact all sectors of the economy. It could potentially improve companies’ profitability by 38% by 2035 (Accenture, 2017).

France has fully understood the disruptive potential of AI and has therefore created a vibrant and highly competitive research environment, becoming the leading country in Europe in terms of number of AI patents filed since 2011.

The French AI ecosystem, structured within the initiative “France is AI“, is also buzzing and growing very quickly: 271 startups working within the field of AI were recorded by the end of March 2018, and more than $141 million were invested in French startups that focus on AI, in 2017 (ICB Insights). This same year, France was the second country in Europe for deep tech funding with $509 million raised, after the UK and ahead of Germany.

Algolia, Sophia Genetics, Shift Technology and Prophesee are among the most successful startups.

GAFAM are massively investing in AI research in France

This fertile soil allows the development of an expertise that is recognized internationally. Major tech giants have decided to increase their presence in France: Facebook plans to invest €10 million to double the number of people working in its research laboratory, while Google announced in turn the creation of a new research center dedicated to AI in the French capital, since France has some of the best universities and schools when it comes to mathematics, science, engineering and technology. Indeed, there are 14,5 R&D personal for every 1000 employees, including 9,4 researchers in France, and many Fields medalists have been working for French public universities.

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