Happy, Simple, Elegant : SABRE was born from a desire to combine usefulness and pleasure, tradition and modernity, functionality and freedom. By bringing colour and multi-coloured patterns into its collection, SABRE provides a source of inspiration and emotion. 

Each cutlery item is the result of traditional know-how and a unique artistic freedom. The blades are made in France of a stainless steel and carbon alloy that’s essential to give our knife blades cutting power. The plain cutlery handles are made of dyed-through acrylic, the most noble of plastics. The acrylic cutlery handles are made by hand and not from a mould to provide a soft finish, ease of use and an attractive appearance.

SABRE’s tableware collections are made of high-fired porcelain and are dishwasher and microwave oven safe. Play with the shapes and colours and make up your own service. Dinner plate, dessert plate, bowl, mug, cup, salad bowl, espresso cups and saucers… there’s everything you need to create a table that reflects your character!


For futher information, please contact :

Denmark : Astrid Nielsen – astrid.nielsen@businessfrance.fr

Sweden : Soline Guerinet – soline.guerinet@businessfrance.fr


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