The awards ceremony took place during the annual meeting of the foreign trade advisors of France, on June 8th, 2018 in Oslo, Norway. The NORDIC V.I.E – ENTERPRISE AWARDS 2018 rewards the companies using the V.I.E program in the Nordic countries and also contributes to promote and boost the interest for the V.I.E program in the Nordic countries.


And the winners are…


What were our criteria for those awards?

The scoring grid is structured around different themes:

  • Recruiting process, mission and internal support
  • Assets and contributions of the V.I.E to the company
  • Growth of the number of V.I.E within the company
  • Hiring of the V.I.E within the company at the end of his/her assignment
  • General knowledge of the V.I.E program


Current Key Figures about the V.I.E program in the Nordic countries
  • 180 V.I.E in the Nordic countries
  • 106 in Sweden, 31 in Norway, 28 in Denmark, and 15 in Finland
  • 73 companies using the program
  • 55% of them are Large Companies
  • 45% are SMEs
  • 18% of the companies are from the food industry
  • 12% in Healthcare
  • 1 329 V.I.E trained in the Nordic countries since 2001


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