Sweden skyrocketed in the 2017 overview of foreign investments in France, with 44 new investment decisions, the highest number since the creation of the Business France agency. Sweden increased its investments by 76% in comparison to 2016, which is the most impressive progression both across Europe and other continents (better than India, which increased by 73% since 2016).


In 2017, France was the leading European recipient of job-creating investment from Sweden, attracting 20% of Swedish projects in Europe, ahead of the United Kingdom (16%) and Poland (12%) (Business France Europe Observatory). Sweden thus ranks as the #13 leading source country in the world for investments in France, the #8 in Europe, and the #1 Nordic investor in France.

825 jobs were created or maintained thanks to projects of great value-added, as a quarter of the investments concerned decision centres and primary implantations. Major businesses invested in France, such as Volvo AB which created 160 jobs, as much as smaller enterprises in the sectors of industry, trade and IT.

The steady growth of investments attests from the ever-increasing attractiveness of the French ecosystem. France is indeed scoring high in the eyes of Swedish investors, as it offers a favourable environment to settle industrial activities as much as research centre, especially since governmental reforms to bolster innovation and the “Industry of the future”.

Synergies between France and Sweden, both ranked in the top 10 of the most European innovative countries (Bloomberg Innovation Index 2018), have been strengthened by the signature in November 2017 of the Partnership for Innovation, auguring further increase in bilateral collaboration to lead the digital transition and the green revolution, in which Sweden excels.


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