France is showcasing more modern wines: great mix of fruit and freshness

Apr 20, 2018 | Food & Wine

That’s the conclusion from the Swedish jury we had the pleasure to welcome on 29th january, at the French Residency, in Stockholm. Their goal was to select, with their Belgian and German neighbours, the top 100 French wines & spirits that were going to be presented on the French pavilion at Prowein !


Why don’t you take a look at their top 5 ? :


1.La Chapelle d´Albas – Château St Jacques d´Albas (Languedoc);
2.Monthélie – Domaine Berthelemot (Bourgogne);
3.La Gaffelière – La Vintage Company (Bordeaux) ;
4.Le Blanc – Château Léognan (Bordeaux);
5.Le Chemin de Novi – Mas de Novi (Languedoc).


Thanks to the contribution of the Swedish, Belgian and German jury, the French pavilion could offer visitors a wide range of French wines & spirits praised by international professionals !

Such positive comments are good news and explain why French wines’ sales are still on the rise at the Swedish Monopoly. Not to mention that France is the first supplier of wine for restaurants and wine bars in Sweden !

So keep up the good work ! Business France teams are here to boost French export and help French firms to seize new opportunities in Foreign markets.

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