On 17 April afternoon, Finnish companies will be gathered at the Residence of the French Ambassador in Helsinki to discuss business opportunities in France. On the initiative of the CCFF (Finnish-French Chamber of Commerce), the event will be organised around the theme “How to succeed in France: tools and feedback from true stories”.

The business meeting will gather key actors of Finnish business community, from big names of Finnish energy, construction and tech industry, to smaller groups and startups.

On this occasion, Business France Nordic will be presenting the mission of the Invest hub, located in Stockholm, to help Finnish companies identify potential market and develop their activity in France, adapting to their specific needs. It will also address the ongoing transformation of French ecosystem that is boosting French economy.

The event will continue with a standing diner at the residence, an opportunity for local companies to share experience and knowledge about doing business in France.

To participate or learn more about the event: