Hello Innovation ! France in TOP 10 of Bloomberg Innovation Index 2018

Mar 26, 2018 | Invest in France

France is a land of innovation – and global rankings show it.


The sixth edition of the Bloomberg Innovation Index for 2018 revealed that France is in TOP 10 of the most innovative countries (among 80 countries), in front of the US (#11) and the UK (#17).

France ranked #2 for its number of listed high tech companies and its share of French companies in global Tech landscape. France is also #12 for R&D expenses (in share of GDP).

The ranking highlights the key assets of French ecosystem, being its number of license agreements and the quality of its higher education system.

What makes France a leader of European and global innovation?


France has a long tradition of avant-garde and innovative thinking. With high quality international education system and research-oriented programs, France is a fertile ground for break-through projects and creative businesses. Especially since the road towards innovation is strengthened by proactive public support.

Innovation and R&D have always been a core pillar to French development. In 2017, to promote French competitiveness and help designing our future, President Macron announced a dedicated fund of 13 billion euros: 3,5 billion to sustain scientific excellency, 4,6 billion to support corporate innovation, and 5 billion to help transform and modernize French industry. Other 9 billion euros will also be dedicated to the development of the digital State, reinforcing France’s role model for innovation.

France also holds a leadership position in the thriving sectors of Fintech, Cleantech and Smart Mobility, and is taking the path of the AI revolution. In 2018, the government will continue supporting its 70+ innovation clusters and 1 100+ research institutions to build the world of tomorrow.


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