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We foster export growth by SMEs and mid-sized companies


We prepare and help businesses to find commercial partners in target markets, paving the way for them to sign trading agreements and generate sustainable export growth.


We inform and support foreign investors on their way to France


We help the foreign investors make decisions and offer support throughout their project, calling not only upon Business France investment advisors but also its network of regional partners.


We promote French companies, business image, and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location


We monitor France’s international business image and attractiveness as an investment location. We suggest and implement strategies to promote France and its regions, businesses, and talent and inform channels of influence in the international business world.


We run the VIE international internship program


The VIE International Internship Program enables businesses to give candidates a temporary assignment of between 6 and 24 months in a foreign country. The scheme is open to candidates of all qualification levels not only from France but also from any other country in the European Economic Area.


International co-operation missions


We organise and oversee all work to extend international co-operation with the realm of our remit and participate where appropriate.