Milipol 2022: French companies ready to empower Qatar’s security and defense industry



23 French companies will be present in Doha to attend the 14th edition of Milipol Qatar, a global event for homeland security & civil defense in the Middle East, where official delegations, infrastructure developers and technology suppliers from around the world will gather to enhance security systems.

On the eve of the FIFA World Cup, all eyes are on the safe and secure delivery of this global event.

Given the World Cup security agreement signed in March 2021 in Doha, that aims to support the Qatari partners in securing the event, French exhibitors, who represent the largest foreign delegation on the show, intend to seize the opportunity of this strategic partnership to showcase at Milipol, six months before this world-leading event, their cutting-edge technologies and latest innovations in the defense and security fields.

Indeed, thanks to its network of highly specialized companies in the field of safety and homeland security, French security and defense industry is among the leading solution providers. In France, the sector includes heavyweights, mid-sized companies and 4,000 SMEs and employing 130,000 people. France has recorded growth of over 5% in this sector in 2021, due to its steady development and massive investments in innovative technologies such as cybersecurity, the anti-drone systems, optronics, CCTV equipment, crisis management, and contactless identification.

H.E Jean-Baptiste Faivre, as Ambassador of France to the State of Qatar, commented: “Cooperation between France and Qatar in the field of internal security is characterized by its great vitality through a dense history of strategic partnerships, where France has successfully accompanied Qatar during major sporting events (Asian Games in 2006, World Athletics Championships in 2019 and FIFA Club World Cup in 2020 for example). French expertise is in high demand as it is based on several priority target sectors: specialized intervention, border control, protection of sensitive sites, including the fight against drones, mobility security (metro, train, boat) and cyber security. The prospect of the World Cup and the institutional offer that France is proposing in this context, across all its clusters, offer solid opportunities and a breeding ground for our companies to further develop and market their top-notch solutions.”