Discover more about the V.I.E story of Sebastien EDOUARD, Contracts & Methods Engineer in TotalEnergies.


April 2022 / Trainee Program VIE

There are about 136 international V.I.E. trainees in the United Arab Emirates in March 2022, working in more than 70 different companies of any size and any sector to help them grow and develop new business opportunities abroad. Sebastien EDOUARD, V.I.E. trainee at Contracts & Methods Engineer in TotalEnergies, shares with us his experience as an International Business Development Manager. 

Can you present yourself ? 

My name is Sebastien EDOUARD. I’m 26, I have a master 2 in Sourcing & Supply Chain Management. I am Contracts & Methods Engineer in TotalEnergies. 

Can you describe your job and highlight your role, and for how long are you V.I.E? 

I’m part Contracts & Procurement team of the Diyab Gas project. I lead call for tenders for the logistics and civil works campaign of the next phase of the project. I’m also in charge of the good application of the procurement methods in the affiliate, and manage a portfolio of about 20 contracts of non industrial topics (General Services, IT HR,..). I’ve been a V.I.E since September 2020, until August 2022.   

Why have you chosen the V.I.E? 

I chose to apply for a VIE to acquire some professional experience abroad. It is a great opportunity to learn new ways of working and discover new cultures. Being V.I.E means having great responsibilities at its own scale, I’m only 26 and I was involved in call for tenders with values estimated in millions USD! It is also the occasion to improve a foreign language and meet very interesting people with completely different background than ours. 

Why have you chosen UAE for your mission? 

UAE is a great place to live in. First, the mix of culture is very rich. The UAE nationals represent only 10% of the population, which means it is formed by 90% of foreigners! If you want to live and work in a international environment, it is hard to find a better place. And every culture is respected, as long as it stays respectful of one another. It is a beautiful example of tolerance. Also, it is a country with great ambitions, you can feel it through the ongoing projects from all sectors.   

Do you recommend the V.I.E program to other candidates and why ? 

Yes, I highly recommend it. Achieving a V.I.E will bring you rich intercultural working experience, open-mindedness, and adaptability. I truly believe it is something that distinguish a CV from one another. 

Do you recommend a mission in the UAE and Why? 

Yes, definitely! For all the professional reasons previously stated, and also because the quality of life is very nice. There are also lots of beautiful countries to visit around. 

Can you tell us a funny story that happened to you in the UAE? 

A kind of funny thing happening to work is that lots of other employees tend to believe the V.I.E are actually on permanent hire, as we are very active in the daily activities of the company and have quite a lot responsibilities for our age.