Dawex Data Exchange Technology Addresses the European Data Act future principles of regulated data circulation




The new EU regulation Data Act reinforces the critical role of regulated data exchange to strengthen Europe’s leadership in the data economy.

United Arab Emirates: April 14th, 2022 – With more than 80% of industrial data[1] remaining unused, the Data Act calls for the need of fundamental measures to regulate data circulation in order to make data more accessible for all. Granting consumers and companies the control over who accesses their data, for what purpose, is a pillar principle to future measures in order to unlock the richness of industrial data and build a regulated, fair European data economy. Dawex Data Exchange technology awards platform orchestrators the capability to keep control over the circulation of data through a secure, trusted data sharing and data exchange environment ensuring visibility of which data is being used, for which usage, under which terms.

In today’s economy where data has become a product with its own value, not limited to its usage, and the source of new revenue streams, Dawex technology allows organizations to create and gather new ecosystems around data exchange platforms that meets regulatory frameworks and addresses traceability and security challenges. Dawex is the leading technology company for data exchange, data marketplace and data hub, whose mission is to facilitate and accelerate secure data circulation between all economic stakeholders.

As the European Data Act stresses the critical importance of industrial data circulation in order to foster European data-driven innovation, Dawex technology has already demonstrated its operational and business value in more than 20 sectors such as agriculture, space, retail, agrifood, automotive, infrastructure, tourism, real estate and mobility by helping organizations in those industries address economical, social and environmental challenges.