Discover more about the V.I.E story of Karim Abdelhakim, International Business Development Manager for two companies; 808 Water & CCEI. 


April 2022 / Trainee Program VIE 

There are about 136 international V.I.E. trainees in the United Arab Emirates in March 2022, working in more than 70 different companies of any size and any sector to help them grow and develop new business opportunities abroad. Karim Abdelhakim, V.I.E. trainee in two different companies (808 Water & CCEI.), shares with us his experience as an International Business Development Manager. 

Can you present yourself?

Karim Abdelhakim, 26 years old, graduated in international trade and international business management at La Sorbonne and Inseec Msc & MBA. I’m currently International Business Development Manager for two companies; 808 Water & CCEI.

Can you describe your job and highlight your role, and for how long are you V.I.E?

Simply because I felt that it was the logical continuation of my studies, having already had some experience outside of France, I decided to continue on this path.

Why have you chosen UAE for your mission?

I came there in 2021 on vacation and it was a love at first sight, I swore I would come back here to live my life.

Do you recommend the V.I.E program to other candidates and why ?

I recommend the V.I.E. to all people who want to discover new cultures, new people. A V.I.E experience is a once in a lifetime experience, so you should take advantage of it.

Do you recommend a mission in UAE and Why?

As I said, this country was a crush for me, it’s a new country, which develops very quickly, in 50 years, the UAE has become one of the most important hubs. It is in my opinion, the place to be today.

Can you tell us a funny story happened to you in UAE?

A few days after my arrival in Dubai, I was in a café and I had taken the habit of looking at the labels of water bottles to eventually find a distributor for 808 water.  One day, I decided to take a chance and when I arrived there with my water bottles, I was lucky enough to run into the person in charge of beverage, to whom I told this story.  After a discussion with her, we are now in talks to work together!