French Maritime Days @Expo 2020 Dubai: The French maritime sector in the spotlight during the France Pavilion’s “Oceans” fortnight



 French Maritime Days @Expo 2020 Dubai

United Arab Emirates: March 17th, 2022- Fifteen companies and organizations from the French maritime sector will be traveling to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a three-day mission from 21st to 23rd March 2022. The initial aim of this roadshow is to explore the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly growing maritime market. Subsequently, the aim is also to meet local stakeholders in the sector and future commercial and industrial partners – such as public authorities, shipbuilders, repair and maintenance companies – through targeted group meetings, networking sessions, pitching sessions, and site visits. This mission benefits from the visibility of Expo 2020 Dubai, as it will link back to the oceans-themed fortnight run by the France Pavilion from 18 to 31 March 2022, entitled “A sea of solutions.

The region’s highly dynamic maritime industry offers a wealth of opportunities for the French marine sector:  port infrastructure or extension projects, operation of new vessels, maintenance and construction of dry docks in accordance with international maritime safety standards, and marine environment protection. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that it will expand its maritime transport network by 188% and increase the number of regular passenger routes by 400%, by 2030. Many ongoing and upcoming projects and mega-projects off the Emirati coast in the offshore oil and gas sector have also been announced.

 Over the three days, French companies will have the privilege of meeting prominent local actors such as Dubai Ports World, Dubai Maritime City, Goltens company, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Abu Dhabi Port / KIZAD.

Recognized for its know-how and its innovative capabilities, the French sector is made up of dedicated experts; specialized in data, IoT solutions, robotics, and automation applied to the maritime industry, they will undoubtedly meet the need for innovative solutions in emerging sectors such as the ecological, energy and digital transition (cybersecurity), the Green Ship, the Smart Ship, Smart Trade, the Smart Port (logistics, security & safety) applied to maritime, naval and port activities.

The French delegation will present a digital audit 4.0 platform covering everything from curative maintenance to predictive maintenance of underwater structures and port terminals in real time; an innovative wind turbine thruster for the yachting and maritime transport sectors that reduces the fuel consumption of cargo ships by up to 45%; an AI-based industrial vision system to identify floating obstacles in the sea day and night; an AI platform for managing and anticipating container flows to relieve port traffic congestion for sustainable ports; advanced complex optronic solutions designed specifically for use in extreme situations relating to defence, domestic security, industry and energy; an innovative, environment-friendly and patented electrochemical process consisting in creating an artificial rock to protect marine structures and prevent coastal erosion; a technology startup specialised in autonomous navigation and a future European heavyweight in photonics and quantum technologies for civilian and military applications; tailored solutions for the maritime industry aimed at reducing and monitoring Sox (sulphur oxide) , NOx  (nitrogen oxide ) & PM  (particulate matter) emissions and their impact on marine ecosystems, and managing wet/dry scrubber waste and BWTS; an alternative solution to anchorage to protect the environment in sensitive areas; a consulting and services company in the maritime and coastal economy and automated systems sector (the automation and systems analysis laboratory at the CNRS); a patented new technology that uses a unique solution to eliminate floating pollution including hydrocarbons, plastics and organic materials; finally, the expertise of an internationally recognised specialist in structural systems and soil engineering, which is already based in the region.

France and the United Arab Emirates have long been partners. Given the many projects to come, the future continues to look bright for this high-level technological partnership.