Valrhona’s Words into Action Momentum – February 2022

Valrhona is shaping the future of Responsible Gastronomy


United Arab Emirates, 26 February 2022 –  Valrhona’s first series of events for 2022 saw an exceptional culinary afflux in Dubai, coming from Morocco, Tunisia, Qatar, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE for this extraordinary Pierre Hermé and Frédéric Bau event.

Being able to witness the gathering of great thinkers, visionaries, passionates and game changers in the pastry scene is an absolute regal and falls deep into Valrhona’s values: Empowering minds through passion, excellence, and commitment.

In line with its core mission building a responsible gastronomy, Valrhona was able to gather top pastry chefs around the world to generate discussion, new ways of thinking and innovation around the subject “less means more” from famous Frédéric Bau’s book “Reasoned Gourmandise”. By fostering this collective movement and bringing together chocolate, and gastronomy players, Valrhona aims to push boundaries for a gastronomy that does good and tastes great.

“In a world where everything extravagant is considered great, I was impressed by the willingness to change, do better and disrupt the current trend to focus on building a better tomorrow with Chefs coming from the entire region, taking ownership for the health of their customers and choice in their kitchen. Seeing everyone being so eager to learn about measure and balance in a world that pushed towards excessiveness, is making me proud of what we are trying to accomplish at Valrhona. Where the culture is about going higher, stronger, and bigger, it touches me to my core to see the growing interest in understanding that less is more pleasure. It is maybe a new page for Dubai Gastronomy » said Frédéric Bau.

Valrhona next event will be held in March with world-renowned Frederic Cassel, Vincent Guerlais, Pascal Lac, Eric Vergne, Glenn Noel, Sébastien Bouillet coming together for an extraordinary event in Dubai where pastry world cup, tradition versus modern approach, sourcing and traceability and e-commerce tips for chefs will be discussed by masters in their field. Stay tuned!

“While we are the merchants of our customers’ happiness, we’re also the protectors of their wellbeing” Frédéric Bau